One roaming the world with her guitar and a suitcase full of essential oils, the other halfway through nursing school. They sense an opportunity, one sees art, the other science, yet they see it the same. There are too-few natural products, and so many of the scents we put on our bodies and in our homes aren’t just strong, they overwhelm the olfactories. Bit by bit, these tenacious sisters are revolutionizing our routines, creating beautifully blended products for bodies, faces, hair, and homes that support our skin and our sniffers.

A routine manifesto.

The onerous part is done. The stuff of weekdays, where we sleuth and search and DIG IN to make sure all of our routine product creations are full of only the best things. Only supreme elements we wish to have on our bodies and in our homes.  Because our bodies are our homes. And our homes house our bodies. The natural and right things -because we’re far enough into the future to know what’s good and clean and best for our skin, hearts and planet. Because we actually, genuinely care. Because of daughters, sons, friends and neighbours. You.

Because let’s lift each other up and walk each other home. NOW it’s time for the weekend. We’re nice but we’re still badass. The FUN LIKE FRIDAY part is for you (honestly for us too). Let’s have a little fun. Then, when you’re comfortable, a lot of it. That’s why we exist: To impart joy. To receive it too. No? YES. This is our gift, our forté. Natural smells, with more.  Let’s curate your routine. Let’s curate your smell. Let’s free your pheromones and enlighten your olfactories.

Let’s get you smelling like YOU, however you want to and then you can change your mind, and try something new. You can smell like that really good song, like a certain vibe, a je ne sais quoi, a sweet memory. A nuance. A war cry. A déja vu, or maybe something happening NOW. The future too. 

Smell how you want.

Smell how you feel.


The end.

ONLY CLEAN IN YOUR ROUTINE. Routine uses only the best quality ingredients in all of our products. Here is a list of our key ingredients that go into our bespoke formulas so you know exactly what you're putting on your skin.

Kaolin Clay | Calendula | Cocoa Butter, Shea Butter | Rosehip Oil | Sea Buckthorn Oil | Essential Oils | Coconut Oil | Beeswax | Prebiotics | Activated Charcoal | Magnesium | Black Cumin Oil | Argan Oil | Myrrh | Frankincense | Rose | Neroli | Raspberry Seed Oil | Tonka | Cardamom Oil | Rosalina Oil | Jojoba | Vitamin E | Clary Sage | Vetiver Oil | Patchouli | Precious Orris Oil