your essential base layer with nutrients, vitamins & antioxidants

botanic face serums

scents for all

your natural pheromones are like a fingerprint

And how you choose to smell tells a story. Routine creates life-changing head to toe natural, botanic products for every body to enhance YOUR signature scent, with a totally satisfying ending.

A deodorant with no detox downtime. Discover why millions of formerly stinky people have been converted to a deodorant that is not only natural, but is more effective than conventional. We made 17 botanic blends, so you will find your signature scent and pheromone fit.

A deodorant for every body.

inspo for capturing your authentic self

these are the scents that our real friends (pictured below) wear in real life, in the real wild west Canadian rockies

...Where Routine and its packaging is made.

supporting your olfatories & Mother Earth

find your signature scents and make it a head to toe routine.

Support your skin at every age & stage. years of research & powerful botanicals, result in thousands of happy faces. repairing damage and continuously improving your skin.

botanic face serums

when your body products feel like a treat

something sweet

The Ripple effect

Refills. so hot right now. refills.

We believe in beautiful packaging that lasts as long as Mick Jagger's career (aka, a really long time). Since launching our REFILL PROGRAM in 2018, we've refilled over 100,000 jars at 180+ retail locations. And now our life-changing SHAMPOO & CONDITIONERS (100% made in our neighbourhood out of repurposed plastic) can be refilled too.


Tested on human friends, never animal friends.

It's a given but we hope that makes you smile, just like this photo.