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The Kansa Gua Sha


Routine's Kansa Gua Sha is the magic wand of your skincare routine and the soulmate to our Face and Body Oils, gliding and guiding those elasticizing botanicals right up into your skin. It is the perfect size for both face and body.

Go with the flow and let go. Kansa is known in Ayurveda as a healing metal. Made of copper and tin, kansa removes toxicity from skin, relieves stress, and increases flow of healthy energy (prana). 

Gua means to "rubber scrape" and Sha is the stagnant energy that collects in the body - basically, move that energy around, down, and all over town!

But wait, there's more. The Kansa Gua Sha is extra special, because it is a combination of the Gua Sha practice and the Kansa metal. This gorgeous healing metal tool in combination with the scraping motion increases lymphatic flow, tightens skin, and relieves stress. Can you say spaaaaaaah?

To reveal glowing skin, always ensure your skin is fully lubricated with Routine Face Oil Serum or Body Oil Serum. Begin this self care either on the face or body, placing the tool as close as parallel with the skin's surface as possible, and gently sweeping upwards and out. Start with 5 reps per area, applying a bit of pressure, and increase reps once comfortable. We love to concentrate where tension and fluid builds up, like the jawline, cheekbones, abdomen, and legs.

Every Kansa Gua Sha is made in India by fair value-pay artisans, who manufacture each one entirely by hand. So the most money makes it into the hands of the artisan.

Revved up your system with the Kansa Gua Sha?

*Face Oil Serum sold separately

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