Routine Olfactory Lab

Dirty Hipster Armpit Toolkit - Deo, Soap & Armpit Tool


Routine's DIRTY HIPSTER TOOL KIT is the ultimate armpit trifecta. A gift to show your hippest pal you care or yourself that you self-care. Contains 3 full size Dirty Hipster products: Natural Deodorant Jar, Natural Bar Soap, Armpit Tool.

Firstly, get up in there and get those pits nice and soapy with your bar of detoxifying, charcoal Dirty Hipster soap. Next, grab your armpit tool. Hold the handles and gently but firmly glide from the top of your armpit in a downwards motion with the upside down horseshoe - don't worry, your luck won't spill out, but residue will! Repeat this motion a few times. Afterwards, dry and dress your pits with patchouli natural deodorant, and yourself with a toque and Blunds (yes yes, we know you were the first of your crew to rock them!)

You can act cool like you don’t care about it, but we know you care. In fact, you care a lot.

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